(Ratified December 1, 1938)

The name of the corporation is The International College of Chiropractors, Inc. The nature of the business of the corporation and the objects or purposes proposed to be transacted, promoted or carried on by it are as follows, to-wit:

To promote the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic.

To promote the study and teaching of the science of chiropractic.

To encourage a high code of ethics in the chiropractic profession.

To conduct and encourage research and experimentation to the end of higher attainments in the profession.

To engage and maintain a high standard of morals in the profession.

To assist in the enactment of statutes to legalize and regulate the practice of chiropractic.

To assist and encourage a standardization of curricula and educational requirements.

To promote, protect, and preserve the social, intellectual, and professional welfare of all chiropractors everywhere at all times.

To seek those who have made and who will make valuable discoveries and contributions to the further development of the science of chiropractic, those who render valuable and merito­rious service to the profession and to bestow upon them proper degrees or awards of merit.

The college shall give its full support to the National Chiropractic Association, Inc., aid the National Chiropractic Association by giving advice, cooperation, and in fact everything within the power of the college to build a bigger and better organization and to promote a stronger fraternalism among members of the profession.

The college is not organized for profit and shall issue no capital stock.

IN TESTIMONY TIHEREOF, witness our hands, on this 25th day of July, 1938:

*Lillard T. Marshall
*Hany K. Mcilroy
*C. Elmer Schillig
*Sylvia L. Ashworth
*C. Sterling Cooley
*Gordon M. Goodfellow

*F. Lome Wheaton
*O.L. Brown
*Albert B. Cochrane
*Lee W. Edwards
*K.C. Robinson

*Since deceased


I, J. Robert Ledford, a Notary Public in and for the County of Layette, State of Kentucky, hereby certify that the foregoing Constitution and Charter Provisions of The International College of Chiropractors of Lexington, Kentucky, were this day produced before me in my office, and acknowledged and delivered by the above-named incorporators herein, to be their free and voluntary act and deed.

Witness my hand on this Sixteenth day of November, 1938.

/s/ J. Robert Ledford
Notary Public

Note: Where “The National Chiropractic Association” is mentioned its successor “The American Chiropractic Association” is included.

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